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Aviation Automation through Effective use of PLC in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has primarily relied on human labour to meet the high quality demands of their products. In the past, the level of accuracy and detailed work needed to manufacture aircrafts that were safe and reliable could only be achieved with direct supervision and human labour. In some respect, an abundance of caution to meet the strict regulations of the aviation industry and preserve the integrity of aviation products has made advancement in aircraft manufacturing slow and quite conservative. However, contrary to initial concerns, modern automation has long surpassed traditional manufacturing methods in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Robot technology and innovative automation solutions, such as the ground-breaking use of PLC in the aviation industry, now help producers make manufacturing and testing better and more precise.

A complex network of interconnected systems, manufacturing in the aviation industry consists of various processes. PLC in the aviation industry may assist manufacturers at every stage of production, including like welding, assembly, quality control, and many other processes. This technology not only meets the standards of the industry but elevates overall manufacturing as well. The precise control and accuracy allowed by PLC in the aviation industry improves manufacturing speed and efficiency, with some high-quality robots being capable of much more, such as the size and articulation to reach inaccessible areas. PLC in the aviation industry may further aid manufacturers through additional features like real-time data collection and better manufacturing safety.

It is also notable that the aviation industry is highly competitive, reinforcing the need for the continued advancement of manufacturing productivity and accuracy through efficient automation technologies.

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Advantages of Professional Aviation Automation

  • Improved accuracy in various manufacturing processes
  • More features and capacity for quality control
  • More precise and controlled handling of materials
  • More features and capacity for safety measures
  • Improved, competitive manufacturing
  • Improved efficiency and productivity

  • Allen Bradley (RSLogix 5000, Studio 5000)
  • Beckhoff (TwinCAT 3)
  • Schneider Electric (Ecostruxure, SoMachine)
  • Siemens (TIA Portal, SIMATIC STEP 7)

Andreas Gold
CEO / Managing Director

Why Choose AMD Digital Hub for Aviation Automation and Efficient PLC Programming?

Our team consists of more than 60 PLC experts. We concentrate on elegant programming, meticulously crafted designs, logical structuring, and granular documentation.

We remain highly informed of the most up-to-date regulations and safety standards applicable to the aviation industry.

We uphold the reputation of professional, acclaimed German engineering.

We work with international clientele, sending our expert PLC engineers to your location.

We provide professional PLC support, including PLC programming, PLC commissioning, and PLC production.

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