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Highly Efficient PLC Programming from Experienced PLC Engineers & Technicians

Programmable logic controllers fit within one of the most important pillars of automation technology and are used wherever processes need to be better regulated and controlled more efficiently. With the help of professional and error-free PLC programming, universal automation solutions for sustainable process and production optimization are no longer a chimera, but a real opportunity for companies in all branches of industry: from the automotive and mining industries to the wood and food industries as well as the pharmaceutical industry and robotics.

With high-quality PLC automation solutions, even the imposing goal of being able to produce individual and made-to-measure products at low costs as in mass production can be achieved - with incomparably good quality. Terms like “Industry 4.0” or “digital transformation” have risen to become fashionable buzzwords with good reason.

Companies that want to optimize their production processes with PLC programming should be aware that there is tremendous dynamism in the field of automation and robotics. Classic production processes, IT and communication technologies require a much closer-knit network so that they can interact with one another in the best possible way.

Would you like to use intelligent PLC programming to increase the productivity of your production system and increase cost efficiency? We would be happy to help you with high-quality PLC automation solutions! We are also happy to assist you with commissioning and PLC support questions.

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Advantages of Efficient PLC Programming by Experienced PLC Engineers

  • continuous monitoring of the production process
  • high reliability and system stability
  • fast processing of production data
  • automatic adjustments thanks to efficient data processing
  • significant optimizations in the production processes
  • low susceptibility to errors
  • lower operating costs and higher cost efficiency
  • added support for your employees
  • significant increase in productivity
  • Increase in product quality
  • sustainable production process
  • more competitiveness

Andreas Gold
CEO / Managing Director

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Why Choose the PLC Engineers & PLC Programmers of AMD Digital Hub?

AMD Digital Hub is a company based in Stuttgart (Germany) whose qualified team has been successfully developing and implementing individual PLC automation solutions for over 25 years. All individual customer requirements are considered while adhering to all quality and programming standards.

The Stuttgart-based PLC specialist operates globally, especially since it has 60 experienced programmers, technicians, and engineers. Worldwide support is reliable, flexible, and fast, which is why AMD Digital Hub can also professionally master complex, large international projects in the field of PLC programming.

PLC programming from AMD Digital Hub stands for error-free and clean PLC programming, detailed documentation, high reliability, high effectiveness, and German engineering. Discover why this is right for you

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