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PLC in Robotics and Automation: Professional PLC Programming for Industrial Automation

Just a few years ago, it was still common for robot applications to be based on a connection between an industrial robot (and its robot controller) and an external programmable logic controller (PLC) which were not located together in the industrial plant. This has now changed due to innovative and intelligent further development, especially as more and more robots from quality manufacturers such as KUKA, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa and Co. are equipped with efficient PLC software in the controller of the respective robot.

This means that several manufacturers no longer require a central PLC. Especially small and medium-sized companies nowadays can purchase industrial robots that can function perfectly independently of a central PLC.

On the other hand, for more complex production processes that rely on the harmonious interaction of several industrial robots, it is still very useful to invest in a dedicated PLC. Because with professional PLC programming, all machines and robots in a system can be continuously monitored. Another big advantage is the fast processing of any information that can lead to automated adjustments and significant optimizations in the production process.

Intelligent PLC programming in robotics and automation means high reliability of the machines and robots used, high system stability, low susceptibility to errors and a consistently high level of performance and production.

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Advantages of Industrial Automation and Professional PLC in Robotics and Automation

  • Continuous monitoring of the whole production process and system
  • Fast processing of information and manufacturing data
  • High reliability of all machines and robots in the automated production process
  • High stability of the whole system
  • Low susceptibility to errors
  • Consistently high level of performance and production
  • Lower operating costs in the long term

  • Allen Bradley (RSLogix 5000, Studio 5000)
  • Beckhoff (TwinCAT 3)
  • Schneider Electric (Ecostruxure, SoMachine)
  • Siemens (TIA Portal, SIMATIC STEP 7)

Andreas Gold
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Professional PLC programming in robotics and automation technology requires a lot of experience. We have this experience because we have been programming efficient programmable logic controllers for more than 25 years. Our focus is on the optimization of entire plants and systems.

AMD Digital Hub is headquartered in Germany and has a large team of over 60 PLC programmers. They work with great commitment all over the world.

As a company, we rely on the highest quality, "German engineering" and professional and friendly customer support. Be impressed by our commitment, professional programming skills, and efficient solution approaches!

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