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Customized CODESYS PLC Programming from Experienced Specialists

Programmable logic controllers are a central component for companies to increase their degree of automation, improve their cost efficiency and thus ensure and expand their competitiveness. The PLC programming system CODESYS (Controller Development System) plays an important role in PLC automation.

CODESYS enables the visualization of tasks from process and factory automation according to IEC 61131-3 and offers an integrated development environment for programmable logic controllers (PLC). The CODESYS software is used in controls from a wide range of manufacturers (including ABB, Beckhoff, Kuka, Schneider or Siemens) to drive the automation of systems and machines.

Would you like to successfully implement complex automation tasks and projects using efficient CODESYS PLC programming? Talk to us and we will be happy to help you with tailor-made CODESYS PLC programming solutions, with solutions for the commissioning of machines and systems or with providing production support.

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Advantages of Efficient CODESYS Programming by Experienced Experts

  • Fast generation (compiler) of machine code for complex applications and devices
  • Documentation and reuse of program code in libraries and in the source code
  • Availability of simple editors
  • Functional programming and object-oriented programming
  • Easy integration into existing development environments and processes
  • Reliability of the software and widespread use within the industry
  • Reduced effort - one interface for installation, maintenance and training
  • Easy connection to platforms and Industry 4.0 cloud applications

  • IL (Instruction List)
  • ST (Structured Text)
  • LD (Ladder Diagram)
  • FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  • SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • CFC (Continuous Function Chart)

Andreas Gold
CEO / Managing Director

Why should you choose AMD Digital Hub for your CODESYS programming tasks?

Our team of over 60 experienced programmers has been dealing with complex tasks in automation technology for more than 25 years and creates individual solutions to the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are based in Stuttgart (Germany), but act quickly and with great flexibility worldwide. At the customer's request, we are available internationally, 360 ​​days a year.

Our highly motivated and professionally trained employees take on tasks of any complexity for you - from CODESYS programming and commissioning to production support. Of course, we ensure compliance with all common programming and quality standards, the use of clean program code and the creation of detailed documentation.

Feel free to contact us now and be impressed by our reliability, professionalism and "Quality Made in Germany"!

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